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Dual Baffle Sleeping Pad

  • ⛺ THE ULTIMATE COMFORT – The Inflatable Sleeping Pad is designed to provide plenty of insulated comfort and DOUBLE YOUR QUALITY SLEEP whilst camping, hiking or backpacking. Wide long and tall this HEAVY DUTY and ultra thick all season pad is one of the MOST COMFORTABLE ON THE MARKET so that you can enjoy undisturbed pillow time in even the COLDEST CONDITIONS! You won’t even recognize rough ground while you are catching your hard earned ZZZZZZ's!
  • BULLETPROOF – Simply put, military grade and made to last longer. Stronger materials are used in our comfort sleeping mattress that won't TEAR, RIP OR PUNCTURE. Is there anything worse than cold, hard nights spent on the ground when you have a big day ahead? You need gear BUILT TO LAST if you are a camper or hiker and want to keep the repair kit in the bag!
  • DUAL BAFFLE – Why not take a spare tire? EASY INSURANCE in the event that if you ever spring a leak - THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO SLEEP ON! Don’t come up short with thin, cheap pads go down like the titanic during the night!!
  • VALUE FOR YOUR DOLLAR – There are many things in life that you can't put a price tag on - like RELIABLE, COMFORTABLE GEAR! In this case, however - you can, AND WE DID. In accordance with our company mission we made sure you get that innovative quality the next time you camp or travel ensuring to take your dollar further!
  • ⛺LIFETIME WARRANTY - Rakaia Designs (TNH Outdoors) is here to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase. If you are not, please contact us and we will reply with a solution in under 24 HOURS. We stand by our 99% Amazon feedback rating, and from replacement to refund we will make sure you are satisfied.

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