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Who We Are


Our founder Che, created our entire product line. As an environmental scientist and backcountry hiker, Che had a unique insight into exactly how to take our customers further than ever before. Che said “you are in real trouble if your gear breaks out here and nothing will end your trip more quickly."

“The biggest mistake that you can make as a hiker is taking low quality gear. Yeah it might be okay if you are close to your base, but on a thru-hike or a longer trip you depend on your gear"

With his experience as an outdoorsman he knew exactly how to liberate the outdoors to hikers through innovation and a ‘direct to customer’ business model. This model gave Che the freedom to create products and invest more into design, materials and quality. That means our customers can get the gear they need to peak the mountain they have always wanted, or find that hidden trail because they  

Focus On The TrailBecause We Focus On The Gear.

What Drives Our Vision 

Every three months we meet as a team and review our vision for the future in the live document below. You are reading exactly what we write and it is a 100% live document.

You can get real-time insight into our passion and values. This document is best viewed on a desktop because of the formatting that is required to keep it live.

You can also view it fully formatted here.