SL - Free Sleeping Pad [Today Only] when you buy the Wai 1

SL - Free Prime Day Sleeping Pad [Today Only] when you buy the Wai 1

FL - Must Clear The TNH Outdoors Branded Stock

Dear Trailblazers...

Free Sleeping Pad - Today Only, when you buy the Wai 1 Tent.

Please follow these instructions - very carefully.

Copy and paste this exact phrase on amazon

Rakaia Designs 1 Person Backpacking Tent

Then Buy It

Buy This Product

How To Get Your Free Pad

Just reply with a screen shot of your purchase and your full address and details so we can ship you a Free Sleeping Pad.

Bonus Refund

- Provide written feedback to us on the product and get 30% OFF on the Wai 1 Person Tent


- Create and send to us: 30-60s video (phone must be steady and horizontal) stating: what problem the Wai 1 solved for you and how your customer experience was. Then share and tag us with your video on Facebook or Insta and get 70% OFF on the Wai 1 Person Tent

That is up $120 in value FOR FREE

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Talk soon,

Richard Greenup

CEO and Cofounder
Rakaia Designs (TNH Outdoors)
Focus On The Trail Because We Focus On The Gear
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Why The CRAZY Deal?

The lawyer said... everything marked TNH Outdoors must go!


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