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We put a number to it

TNH Outdoors had always been on a mission to reduce the impact on the natural environment but in June of 2018 we put a number to it.

This number has really helped us focus our efforts and planning towards our goal.

Our mission is to reduce 10 billion tons of waste

to the outdoors community through better sourcing, manufacturing and shipping practices. We have not ruled out helping other projects or initiatives that reduce waste in the world.  

Current actions 

  1. Our products are not packaged in boxes 
  2. Products are packaged in biodegradable plastic 
  3. No products are disposed of into the bin like many physical product sellers, the products are either reprocessed or given to charity groups.  

Work in progress 

  1. Partly recycled component of the product, this reduces the energy required to create all or part of the product, thus reducing the waste. 
  2. Packing our products in a reusable bag, this will eliminate waste and move our process further up the waste hierarchy.  

Longer term goals 

  1. Reducing the product miles from sourcing raw materials all the way up to delivery distances.  
  2. Eliminating any extra packaging that couriers may require, for example our packaging may double as the USPS packaging.  

The waste hierarchy

Website developments 

1. Develop a counter on the website to calculate the amount of waste saved towards our target of 10 billion tons.