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Our customers are so happy with their 2 Person Backpacking Tent and want to share their successes so that you can experience the same…

"This is truly a 2 person tent and there is even some room left for gear. The tent is easy to set up, tough built and seamless to seal."

"This tent is perfectly sized for two people! It went up in under five minutes and takedown was about the same. It has two internal hooks on the ceiling to hang lanterns and also has two pockets in the front (one on each side). The stakes are very high quality and made of metal, much better than their normal plastic counter parts. Would recommend the tent to others."

"My spouse and I took this tent to Tennessee and it POURED down rain on us for three nights in a row. We set up the tent in the back of an F150 truck and it fit perfectly and we did not get a drop of rain on us and slept well all night. I would recommend this to anyone looking to stay dry in a rainstorm. Great product."

"This is a great tent. I purchased it for my son for scouts last week and we already got to test it out over the weekend. The setup and teardown is incredibly easy! The packed size and weight are great for backpacking too. As expected, there were no issues with water even with a heavy downpour."

"The tent was super easy to set up and light weight to carry. Everything I need in a backpacking tent for two!"

"So I bought this tent for Electric Forest which is a camping music festival. The color is a little more dark green than it looks in the picture but is still a nice color. It definitely is built with sturdy materials. On the last day of the festival it was really windy and it started thunderstorming pretty bad for a couple of hours but my tent stayed intact and nothing on the inside got wet. This tent is easy to set up and just as easy to break down. It does come with great stakes though I was a little confused as to how to use them so I ended up using regular stakes for the actual tent instead."

"This tent is fantastic. I used it on a cross-country road trip in June, 2018. We drove from Philadelphia to Olympic National Park in Washington and made a bunch of stops on the way. First off, it is incredibly easy to set up and you do not have to fight with it to get it in its sack when breaking down. Very lightweight and compact. Weather-wise, this tent handled everything that Mother Nature threw at us. Frigid temps in Minnesota, 50 mph winds in Wyoming, torrential downpours in Yellowstone, waves of mosquitoes in Grand Tetons and coastal rains/winds/mist on the beaches in Northern Washington. It kept me warm when it was cold, cool when it was warm and most importantly, dry at all times. I would HIGHLY recommend."

"Love this tent. Very easy to setup and for a 2-person tent, it was spacious inside. I took this tent out this past weekend for a Boy Scout outing and I can tell you that I am highly impressed. Our first night it rained non-stop and this tent performed amazingly perfect. Nothing in my tent or under the vestibule got wet. The second night, the temperature dropped to 37F with strong winds, which for mid-April in Alabama is cold! The tent performed excellent in the wind and colder temperatures. I'd recommend this tent to anyone looking for a lightweight all-purpose 2-person tent."

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Two Person Backpacking Tent


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