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Do you enjoy camping, hiking, backpacking or spending time in the wilderness? Consider yourself an avid outdoorsman? If you do, then TNH Outdoors is for you.

We could have just planted trees and said that we were doing good things for the environment. We also could have stopped at saying that our products are ‘environmentally friendly’, which we are continually developing. But we want TNH Outdoors to be a vehicle for achieving a more refined goal; to change the way the world looks at the waste packaging and design waste to be smarter. We want biodegradable to be the new normal!

We believe in having a positive impact on the consumerism crisis, changing culture with the use of excessive packaging which goes straight to landfill and rapidly depletes resources. Landfill friendly choices and waste minimisation are where TNH Outdoors leads the way. We want to share ideas to create a low waste world where smarter choices start at the company making it much easier for the consumer. We want to collaborate and work with others. This is the fuel for our long-term goal and it is much more achievable in our highly social, internet based world. So please, choose a brand that is actively trying to make a difference, choose TNH Outdoors.