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Frequently Asked Questions


Each product comes with basic specifications photo i the form of the product listing page. If you need extra information please get in contact with us here. 


There sure is. We have a No Worries Warranty which providing it meets the terms and conditions you can claim right here.

We are always happy to help with this one. You can check your eligibility here.

Happy to help you out with this. You can start the process here.


Sure. This is not a problem. You can do this here.


Each product comes with a video on their respective product listing page and there are more in depth videos on our YouTube Channel. 

Waterproof means that all external fabric has been coated with our durable polyurethane coatings and the seams have also been factory seam taped, making  the tent impermeable to water. The "mm" expression refers to millimeters and is paired with a number to represent a standardized measurement of how “waterproofness” is measured. For instance, a 1500mm waterproof rating or coating will withstand a 1500mm (5') column of water before water might appear through the fabric. That's often strong enough to prevent rain from leaking into a tent in a hurricane-force storm, but fabric and wear and tear also plays a part in this over time.

Why Do I See TNH Outdoors?

A Fortune 500 Company challenged our application to register the name and logo 'TNH Outdoors'. We fought for as long as possible but had to accept the circumstances and have changed our name to Rakaia Designs.

We now are in the transition period and we apologize for any confusion. Different name. Same great products and service. We promise!