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February 15, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

Hello campers, hikers, hammockers and all outdoorsmen and women,

 This is a shout out to all the good times that you can have with a camping hammock. The one word I think of when it comes to hammocks is relaxation.

I think of it as the laziest product we have and this laziness represents a sense of freedom to many - myself included.

So, what is it about a hammock that is so different?



It is all about who you can spend your time with and your furry friends are included. Memories should be made with those that you care about most.  


So what do you do in your hammock? Whether it is making a new friend or catching up on some light reading, a hammock is a ready-made relaxation vessel for you to escape reality.

Any Season

Do not think twice about heading out this winter without your camping hammock because there is no such thing as bad conditions just bad gear.




You can take your hammock nearly anywhere you want to. The portable nature and design of a nylon camping hammock allows you hang just about anywhere you want to. From your backyard to the grandest of National Parks, you can set up and relax in seconds. 


So why a TNH Outdoors hammock? Well, there is no better place to start than with an expert from the highest traffic hammock review website in the world.  Check out Derek's site and his review here.


Something a little different

Did you know our hammock and hammock tree straps have a  reflective tracer woven into them for a safer night's camping? What do you think? Share if you like the idea


Now you have the inspiration you need and it is time to go out and relax. It's the perfect solution to forget all your worries and troubles, all you have to do is sink into the silky soft fabric and count the clouds or stars with the TNH Outdoors Hammock.
Go out and relax, 
TNH Outdoors 
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1 Response


October 25, 2019

Hi- I ordered 4 of your TNH sleeping pads about 3 years ago. Just returned from a camping trip and one of the pads no longer stays inflated unfortunately. Wanted to check on the lifetime warranty on this?

Thanks kindly

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