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April 23, 2017 2 min read

Hello my name is Richard and I co-founded TNH Outdoors with Co-Founder Che in late 2015.

I identify myself as a son, brother, uncle, outdoorsmen and a sustainability warrior.

Growing up on a farm in New South Wales, Australia - I learnt the value of the land and realized both its beauty and fragility. This passion and understanding for the outdoors extended into an education in the environmental management field and I majored in sustainable development where my passion lies. Some of my friends would say I take waste management to the extreme but I ask them; what legacy are you leaving for the next generation? So after completing a five year career in corporate environmental roles I was ready to take on something bigger and more rewarding.    

When TNH Outdoors was formed in late 2015 Che and I vowed to add value not only through our products but also the message - and ultimately the mission that TNH Outdoors created. The mission encourages people to rethink and reduce their consumption and waste management. The difference is that we (TNH Outdoors) are not the change and never will be; you (the customer) have the power to change the outcome. Working in corporate roles Che and I learnt that environmental or sustainability change/s does not come through 'companies or entities' instead it is about empowering individuals to make better choices.

 So when creating a brand and a product line we could not think of a better group of people, being campers and hikers to implement change. Their passion and respect for the environmentis second to none.

I want you to know that you are the change; you are the voice and the sustainability stewards of the future. TNH Outdoors not only wants to create your outdoors lifestyle with our products we want to empower your to protect it.


We thank those who have bought our outdoor products so far, and looking forward to sharing our business' growth and journey with our new customers.

With thanks, 


TNH Outdoors    


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