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February 16, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

The Struggle Is Real 

Nothing new for anyone,  but I have been struggling from the stress of late… how good is it?  It is human nature to be stressed, so you just have to embrace it (which I know is easier said than done). I often fall victim to this and just continue to do the same thing, believing that I will achieve a different result.

In order to turn things around, I decided it was time to ‘rethink’ my choices and refresh by getting back into nature. The cold crisp winter air of Europe sends tingles down your spine, especially when you have grown up in the Southern Hemisphere, namely Australia. This has been particularly difficult for me, and it became time, not to change, but to embrace the situation.

On the weekend just gone, I went toHomolje mountains.

As an FYI – I am a digital nomad and currently residing in Belgrade Serbia (this is the time I usually pause for laughter and then a WTFudge? Serbia?).   

Nothing... comes close to refreshing me as getting outside and back into nature. 

The Struggle Is Real 

Studies have shown the following from outdoor activities: 

  • You’re totally unplugged and disconnected from the stress of electronic devices - the anti-smartphone :P
  • You may sleep better....well if you have our gear ;) 
  • Being in nature is good for your mood
  • It could inspire a sense of awe
  • You’ll burn some calories

 In his essay Nature, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote,

“a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrows.”

 I was fortunate to travel with Via Serbia (Click here for their Facebook) 

I started with 5 layers and went down with one

Some Sustainability 

They are an amazing group lead by true outdoors people and were kind enough to let me speak on the top of the mountain. I focused on the topic of the energy/waste hierarchy and their impact on sustainability.
I gave an example from that day…...namely we stopped at a bee farm and talked about how we could have:

  • refused the plastic bottle drinks (drink tap water)
  • refused the plastic bottle cups (have a real cup)
  • refused the plastic blag to (carried it)
  • refused the high gloss brochure (take a photo of it) 

CAPTION: me… being the human waste hierarchy triangle

It was an amazing day out with my new Lightweight Trekking Poles and really hit the refresh button on my life, I encourage you to get out this winter and embrace the cold air.

So where can you go camping next? 

  • Joshua Tree
  • Yosemite 
  • Yellowstone (in season) 

or just somewhere local? 

Rethink Reduce Reuse,

Richard Greenup
TNH Outdoors


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