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July 10, 2018 1 min read 5 Comments

Leave footprints and take home memories 

Some may say it is vain (selfies) but I think its all about capturing memories because ultimately memories and moments are what take away from nature.

Unless you are go-go gadget taking the ultimate selfie on the trail can be very annoying and cumbersome. You just can't really capture the moment as well as you would like, so we have a solution for you. 

Introudcing the trekking pole selfie stick adaptor 

Check out the behind the scenes footage of our newest product that is about to be launched this July! 


If will be available in 3 product types 

  1. Lightweight Trekking Poles 
  2. Lightweight Trekking Poles bundled with selfie adaptor 
  3. Selfie adaptor 

Expert review on the TNH Outdoors Trekking Poles  


So if you want those memories to last forever and to stop taking bad selfies, grab one of our 200 selfie adaptors. Yes, we are limited to 200 adaptors - so be quick! 

5 Responses


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Richard from TNH Outdoors
Richard from TNH Outdoors

August 31, 2018

Hi Steve, if you did not get what you order please email and Kris they are out now.

Steve Elston
Steve Elston

August 29, 2018

I ordered thos but only got the hiking stick with no selfie adapter


July 27, 2018

Have these come out yet and are gone already or still unreleased?


July 11, 2018

How much is the adapter

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