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May 17, 2018 2 min read 1 Comment

Hello outdoors men and women,

The Background 

I just wanted to share it here first and hear your thoughts, we are trying something new with our camping hammocks. We have all tripped over camping at night or at least stubbed a toe and I swear - it jumps out at you. You have walked that path to the toilet, maybe 8 times and for some reason on the 9th time, it bites. I think about our customer’s safety and in the same breath I think about my family’s well-being.

As many of our email subscribers know I became an uncle late last year and George is the most precious person I’ve ever met. I have had a huge paradigm shift in everything I do with George and I’ve applied this to the simple act of walking. Tripping over is just not an option when George is in my hands - for example I take the stairs and the handrail is held onto like glue.

The Re-design  

So, when remodeling our current parachute camping hammock,

we decided to improve upon our original thicker taffeta nylon design and we have added reflective thread into our tree straps (now called Lumin Stitch).

You can see the photos for yourself but I think they light up light up like a Xmas tree.

The Traditional Problem 

Hammocks traditionally have no reflective material and in addition to this they are typically made from darker colors, in particular, the infamous black straps. Resultantly the hammock tree straps(and nylon hammocks) now present an elevated trip hazard and make falling (due to balance point) a very likely prospect.

This leads to trips when you should be having a holiday (pun intended). Just when you get up in the middle of the night to have a wiz - bang you fall flat on your face #fail. 

You cannot see in the dark and even with a light a dark hammock tree straps do not help.  

Customer Review Of The Re-design  


Furthermore, the tension strap around the pouch is reflective to illuminate the halfway point of the hammock and not leave anything to chance. So when camping this summer you can look out for yourself, your camping ground neighbor and of course; your children. Let me know your thoughts with comments below please.


Richard G

TNH Outdoors Co-Founder



p.s. The photos are taken from a recent trip to Girraween National Park and Caravan George in Australia. In Girraween National Park we had set up camp in a public camping area and it really helped other campers know exactly where we were. The photos illustrate how the tree straps with a triple stitched reflective thread provide an illumined strip similar to a Star Wars lightsaber (I wish I was a jedi).  

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