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April 23, 2017 3 min read

You can call me an outdoorsman. In the same breath, you can also call me a conservationist. But I didn't just become this person. It has taken many years to craft these values and in turn, my unique way of thinking. 

But isn't that the reason why we are all unique as individuals? Our life experiences?

From a young age and right through my upbringing; outdoor pursuits have consumed a large portion of my recreational time.  Trekking through the mountains through to exploring wave swept coastlines - I very much developed a love of the outdoors and a passion for the natural wonders we have been blessed with.

Essentially, this has forged my values. To this day, I still dedicate my spare time to the outdoors. In much the same way that your experiences have set your values in stone.

So you are probably asking why should you care about me, right? Stay tuned but I feel as thought we just may not be that dissimilar...

My schooling years through college led to a fascination with natural sciences, and ultimately I was destined for university. It was here that I spent time training and becoming an environmental professional, constantly furthering my studies throughout the time that I started in the workforce.

It was in this time working as a professional that I realized how much of a consumerism crisis the world was in. And that someone has to stand up and get something done about it. Personally, I find it hard to see so much waste and so very little action.

Life, and the creation of life

I am now raising a young family, with a beautiful wife and two amazing children that are ages three and one respectively. Perhaps you even have children too?

But lets fast forward. Lets take a look at the world through their eyes when they finally reach my age, perhaps your own age - like a visionary time warp into the future - get into your imagination and take it for a spin.

What will the world look like? What will life be like for our children?

If you were like me, you probably pictured two images:

  • The first one was dark and dreary, kind of like those movies of a futuristic wasteland that are lifeless, void of nature and all that remains are a few hardy souls out against each other.
  • The other image is one of beauty and nature, but that is possibly harder to imagine.

Those images of hte future are not certain, however they share one common theme: the void of something...

And that is this planet. Mother Earth.

Unfortunately it only comes second hand. But hopefully it is received in a "good, used condition."

The thing is, this hinges on the decisions that you and I make today as consumers. Our behaviors and the morals that we hold for ourselves. Can we ask ourselves to be a better person everyday? Can we uphold that stance for ourselves? Can we leave something better for the children with the choices we make today?

I know that is why I partnered up with my business partner and friend, Richard and started TNH OUTDOORS. To give you a sustainable and progressive choice in the marketplace. A company that is constantly looking forward to be better.  Support the change that you want to see in the world. It really is that simple.

So maybe we aren't dissimilar after all?

That is, if you support sustainable action.  We are here if you are a lover of the outdoors. If you support environmental values, that is what we stand for. We want to be actively sustainable in everything that we do.

So thanks for getting behind us, and here is to that sustainable future. This way, we can leave that futuristic wasteland on the movies screens only.



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