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December 12, 2017 3 min read 5 Comments

Camping with the whole family can be a stressful mess at the best of times. But it can also be a fun and enlightening experience that you will wish you did more often, but only when you get it right! So, when the camping trip with the entire family is on the radar in order to increase the experience level it pays to ensure that you are prepared. So, what are some simple tips that you can implement to make it go as smooth as possible aside from picking the right spot or keeping a close eye on the weather before you go?
Biodegradable cleaning wipes are still something that can have an impact on the environment as they are much more wasteful that simply taking and washing cloth’s, but they sure are useful. I have used them from backcountry excursions through mountain ranges when water is scarce right through to the family camping trips like this. Their level of usefulness is something to be celebrated, as they can substitute the dishwasher and the shower if you require. Not only that, but they make cleaning a breeze.



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Set up your entranceThere is nothing worse than a dirty tent, especially when it gets wet. So, have an outside shelter like a tent with an awning or some cover at the entrance to your home away from home. From there, put down some kind of floor, anything from polythene, a tarpaulin or even artificial grass (yes, I have seen this) _at the entrance to your tent. This helps to not only keep the area dry, but it also helps prevent dirt, mud and mess getting into the tent so easily. You should always back this up with a brush and shovel or a tent kit containing one to ensure that it is easy to clean the tent when you go to pack it away at the end of the trip.



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Tinfoil. Simply put, its versatility while camping is great. In fact, it is rarely considered let alone overlooked. You can simply wrap food in the tinfoil and it will cut back on the dishes. Straight on the fire to wrapped in foil and placed on the barbecue it makes for a nice alternative to a huge pile of dishes at the end of every meal. Just make sure you dispose of it correctly!

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For family fun, try making some coffee can camping stoves. The simplest version of this involves splitting the sides of the coffee can (take extreme care not to cut yourself) from the top towards the bottom with five to six vertical cuts down two thirds of the can. Then line with tinfoil, and place a wire grill over the can. You can then place this on the fire to cook on. Other versions consist of cutting and opening in the side and top, and even insulating the can in order to burn wood within the can itself! Lots of fun and something that you can do in the wilderness with the family!

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Little hacks like this are often lots of fun or make things easier when you get outside with the family. So aside from getting out there and doing it, keep an eye out for more useful tips on the TNH Outdoors blog and be sure to check what is new at TNH Outdoors too. 




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