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July 06, 2018 3 min read 3 Comments

Happy friday outdoor men and women, 

It is imperative this day in age that any responsible organization takes steps towards a mission or purpose. I expect this to become even more important into the future with an increase in the number of microbusinesses in the world and so many sales now made within the ecommerce world due to the rise of trading on the internet.

In a capitalist society, the benefits are clearly on offer for anyone to start a business if you choose to pursue it and put the required amount of effort in.However, if you don’t start with an end or a purpose in mind, then why are you doing it and what can you expect to gain as a result besides money?

Many lose their way in business through lack of clarity, reasoning or purpose. Also, if the organization doesn’t offer anything more than just taking a sale in exchange for a product, why would you as a customer be so supportive of them?

You work hard for your money and that is the beauty of it – you get to choose where you spend it. Please spend wisely!

TNH Outdoors have entered the e-commerce world on a mission. This is a mission that guides our path 

to stop 10 billion tons of waste.

 So, here’s how we are taking steps towards achieving just that;

  1.    Recycled Fabrics

TNH Outdoors have recently incorporated recycled fabrics into our product range. This doesn’t mean that all of our fabrics are recycled, because they aren’t. However more and more of the fabrics are manufactured from RPET (recycled polyester) that is manufactured from recycled plastic bottles taken from places like your forests and waste receptacles. For instance, the lining in our sleeping bags and the tent footprint are manufactured from this material as opposed to fabrics manufactured from raw materials.

  1.    Reusable & Biodegradable Packaging

Any plastic packaging that protects our products is manufactured to be biodegradable and break down quickly in landfill conditions. As we grow as an organisation, we have recently been looking at ways to get away from the need for plastic packaging by simply manufacturing robust fabric product packaging that reduces the need for any plastic at all. This is our latest work in progress.

  1.    Training & Awareness

Up until recently we have been thinking of new ways that we can have more of an impact on society. One of these has been to produce content for our own media helping to inform better waste practices and the importance of it in order to help educate others about environmental awareness and the benefits of waste reduction to our society. We also have plans to help educate children by adding content that contributes towards the education system in schools.

  1.    Robust Manufacturing

The other main objective is to produce products like they used to in days gone by – products that are built to last. Durable products are a key requirement that the TNH Outdoors product range aims to meet and the intention is that any products produced need to be constructed in a way that minimises its impact to the environment. We want it to go out of fashion before it breaks and ends up degrading in the soil. Disposable is not the way of the future.

  1.    Strategic Relationships

This will form a large part of the TNH Outdoors future as the organization grows. To date this has been a small part of our strategy whilst in our infancy, however partnering with bigger brands as a result of future growth will ensure that we will be able to influence more effectively, in turn helping to meet this objective by ensuring other brands also impose similar values to TNH Outdoors.

 A Community Philosophy 


There you have it. These are some of the key activities that TNH Outdoors is using to work towards our mission and build towards a lower waste future. Your lower waste future. Your children’s lower waste future.

We can only hope that you also share this vision and that you also understand that a better world will be as a result of smarter consumerism in our society. So please support us by letting us know your ideas and how you believe that together, we can all be a part of the difference.



TNH Outdoors Co-founder and product developer. 

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